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Missing cat

Missing cat

Missing cat. Wanted cat disappeared. Here’s the photo of the week viral. What seems like many an advertisement, in which returns with desperate tones, the disappearance of the cat of the house has really...

pink grasshopper

Pink grasshopper

Pink grasshopper? This is not your Pixar grasshopper Mostly in the last couple of years, pink meadow grasshoppers (Chorthippus parallelus) have been sighted by adventurous children in the Belfast hills and Japan. National Geographic’s...

pug Pip the smallest dog in the world

The pug Pip, the smallest dog in the world

Is this Britain’s smallest dog? Pug which refuses to grow is only FOUR INCHES tallĀ  Pip the pug is less than four inches tallĀ and weighs just 1lbs 4 ounces The four-month-old runt of the...

Pink octopus

Pink octopus: discovered in the US is called adorable

Pink octopus. Big eyes, skin and pink gelatinous tentacles that look like the trunk of an elephant. This octopus belonging to the family umbrella octopus, known as “Dumbo octopus“, was discovered recently by a...



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