China DNA genetically modified humans

China DNA genetically modified humans

Genetically modified humans. Humanity was reluctantly dragged into a new era this week. In a video posted on YouTube, Chinese scientist He Jiankui announced to the world that he successfully used the gene-editing tool...

quantum message, Quantum Search

Quantum Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Quantum Search. Humanity is facing now the dawn of a new technological era involving quantum mechanics in almost all aspects of social life, from computation to communication. It might be natural to ask if...

Copy the human brain

Copy the human brain, we can do it

Copy the human brain, a model that replicates the functions of the human brain is feasible in 10 years according to neuroscientist Professor Henry Markram of the Brain Mind Institute in Switzerland. “I absolutely...

smartphone with thermal camera

Cat S60: smartphone with thermal camera

Smartphone with thermal camera: FLIR’s Lepton Thermal Microcamera Module Embedded into Cat Phone’s Rugged Smartphone Cat® phones today announced the launch of its new flagship product, the Cat S60; the world’s first smartphone with...

electronics plants

Electronics plants and organic electronic

Electronics plants from organic electronic: abstract Electronics plants: the roots, stems, leaves, and vascular circuitry of higher plants are responsible for conveying the chemical signals that regulate growth and functions. From a certain perspective,...



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